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Our Tax Audit Defense Team Proudly Serves Houston & Beaumont, Texas. At The Ellem Group, our specialty is IRS tax audits. There is one important thing to remember when it coes to the IRS, a tax audit, and you:

They Know Tax Law. You Don’t.


The letter in the mailbox has a return address for the Internal Revenue Service. When you see it, your stomach lurches and a wave of fear washes over you. You are being audited. You’ve never been audited before and you don’t have a clue how this kind of thing works. You’re worried, maybe you’re scared – and you should be.


A tax audit pits you against government tax professionals! They know tax law, you don’t!


Maybe the letter sounds nice, in an IRS sort of way, and mentions something about a paper audit that can be handled through the mail.


Maybe this tax audit thing is easier than it looks. Maybe I can do this myself.


You wipe the sweat from your forehead. If this is all a tax audit is, it looks fairly straightforward. The letter received states the IRS needs more information about the mileage deductions you took two years ago on your Schedule C. Is that it? That doesn’t sound like a very big deal! You pause a minute, and quickly decide you’ll cover all the bases, just to be safe. Not only will you send in your mileage log for that year, but to make sure the IRS has everything they need, you’ll also send in all your gas receipts … and copies of the payment coupons for the car, and copies of your bank statements that prove you made the car payments and bought the gas. You smile to yourself. Yes, this is what you’ll do. You’ll make sure to stop any questions before they start and just give them everything concerning the car and any mileage driven. That should be enough, shouldn’t it?



You Just Cost Yourself a Boat Load of Money

Memorize this small bit of truth: if you volunteer more information than the IRS specifically asks for, you have opened yourself up to all kinds of records requests by that auditor when he sees something else that raises a question in his mind.
More questions can lead to more demands for additional paperwork by the auditor – and by the time he looks at your bank statements, he’s decided he’s going to audit your complete Schedule C for the previous four years instead of only the mileage from two years ago. The paper audit is a distant memory, and now you must appear in front of the auditor. In person. Oh, and by the way, that rental loss you took on the Sch E for the house you lost in foreclosure? Gather all of that info, too, and bring it with you when you report here in person. Bring any medication you may need, because you’re going to be here the entire afternoon. Forget your daughter’s ballet recital next week. You’re going to be here that day, too.

Tax Audits Are Serious Business

Never volunteer information or hand over any extra paperwork!

Before you furnish the IRS any information, understand completely what they are asking for and why they are asking. You should know exactly what you’re required to furnish as far as supporting documents for your deductions, and you should furnish only that information. The auditor will also spell out a specific layout for your documentation. He or she is going to expect the paperwork to be delivered in a certain order.


What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

When you receive that IRS audit notice in the mail, give us a call. We have an Enrolled Agent on staff who is also a former IRS Tax Examiner. We know how the IRS works, and we know tax law. We also know our customer. You have your business to run, a job to do, a family to support. You do not have time to jump through hoops for the IRS. That’s what we’re here for. You do not have to face an audit alone, and you shouldn’t. We take over and represent you, so you don’t have to.


Time is of the Essence. Know Your Options as Soon as Possible

When you get that letter, give us a call. Don’t hesitate. Time is of the essence in an audit. We’ll take over and handle everything from start to finish. We get the best results because of what we know!


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