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Minnesota lawmakers take extraordinary measures in special session to advance tardy budget

Fri Jun 12 19:49:35 PDT 2015

Minnesota’s path to a new state budget took another abrupt turn Friday when Democratic senators reworked a funding bill for agricultural and environmental programs instead of passing a plan negotiated between Gov. Mark Dayton and House Republicans….

Kansas lawmakers pass plan to boost sales, cigarette taxes after Brownback’s budget warnings

Fri Jun 12 19:06:08 PDT 2015

Republican legislators in Kansas narrowly approved tax increases Friday, responding to pleas from their leaders and a warning from GOP Gov. Sam Brownback’s aides about draconian spending cuts that could result if they didn’t erase a budget deficit….

Appeals court allows hotly contested Utah law banning contact lens price fixing to take effect

Fri Jun 12 16:57:22 PDT 2015

A federal appeals court cleared the way for a hotly contested Utah law banning price fixing for contact lenses Friday, a ruling that could have wide-ranging effects on the $4 billion industry….

US says Exxon must pay $1 million within 20 days for spill into Montana’s Yellowstone River

Fri Jun 12 15:46:57 PDT 2015

U.S. officials have rejected Exxon Mobil Corp.’s request to reconsider a $1 million penalty imposed against the oil giant over a 63,000-gallon crude spill into Montana’s Yellowstone River….

How the Dow Jones industrial average and other major indexes fared on Friday

Fri Jun 12 15:46:46 PDT 2015

A setback in talks between Greece and its creditors helped knock the stock market lower on Friday amid renewed concerns that the country could default on its debts….

Former Illinois health official sentenced to 2 years, pay $1.1M restitution in theft scheme

Fri Jun 12 15:02:28 PDT 2015

A former Illinois health official was sentenced Friday to more than two years in prison for her role in a scheme to steal millions in grant money — a lighter than typical punishment federal prosecutors said they advocated for because of Roxanne Jackson’s help with their investigation….

Appeals court overturns ruling ordering federal agency to sell more timber in southwest Oregon

Fri Jun 12 14:54:18 PDT 2015

A federal appeals court on Friday overturned a 2013 ruling that ordered the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to sell more timber in southern Oregon….

House Rejects Obama’s Trade Bill

Fri Jun 12 14:54:17 PDT 2015

House votes to kill a key component of President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal….

Navajo Nation beliefs about snakes lead reservation zoo to drop reptile exhibit

Fri Jun 12 14:50:57 PDT 2015

A zoo on the nation’s largest American Indian reservation has eliminated its snake exhibit because cultural beliefs about the reptiles as bad omens were deterring visitors from seeing other animals….

Authorities investigate workers filmed undercover kicking, hitting cows at Colorado dairy

Fri Jun 12 14:30:02 PDT 2015

Authorities are investigating whether any of the workers at a Colorado dairy farm filmed kicking and hitting cows should be charged with a crime….